Years & Years - Take Shelter


I'll wait until you have to go,
I'll make it so you never ever know
How much I have messed it up

We run around like we don't care,
It's gonna leave its mark somewhere,
Do you want to show me something new?

Just tell me what I have to do,
To keep myself apart from you
All your colors start to burn

I know I want it far too much,
Then I thought I wouldn't be enough
All this talk is bruising you

Take shelter
Take the pressure
Do what you want tonight
It's alright
If you want to get used
Then get used

I don't really wanna stop myself
Nobody's gonna tell me I need help,
Are you coming over soon?

I meet you at the darkest time
You hold me and I have to shut my eyes
I'm shy. Can I be what you like?

I don't really need this pressure to go
If you wanna find love,
If you wanna find something more
I'll be the one to run for you

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